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• Gaia / Eternal Light®

Eternal Light® is a high vibration system of energies anchored on earth by Shimara Kumara.
The system comprises GAIA, Earth’s energy at its base and array of different planetary energies that would be come during the session as needed. Theses energies work on all levels of the body, mind and spirit bringing balance, grounding and realignment. Eternal [email protected] can help with stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, lack of clarity, busy mind, fear, lack of energy.

During the session, after a consultation; the client would lie down on the therapy table and the practitioner would scan the energy with the hands. Energies would go where they need to. The client would be asked to be open to the sensations, feelings, thoughts or images that would come.
Sessions take place fully clothed except for shoes.

Certified Eternal Light® practitioner

You can experience Eternal Light® as part of a massage treatment during the last 15min of your massage session.

An Informed Consent Form for Parents/Guardians would be signed for Eternal Light® healing therapy given to under 18's. Parents/Guardians will remained in the room during the treatment.

Contact me if you would like to know more about this therapy or book a session


Shimara Kumara

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Maria del Mar Fernandez de la Calle

"The experience of distant healing is marvelous. I have had the fortune to be with Claudia a couple of times, she in the Up and me in Colombia, and our “encounters” are most agreeable and charged with energy. I am very grateful with my therapist and her techniques as she has become an invaluable support for my wellbeing and that of my family. At the time of the session I have experienced the reaffirmation of the inner process (intention) and I have also experienced a beautiful surprise when feeling greater strength on the following days."
Eternal Light® distant healing, Colombia

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