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• Sports & Remedial massage

This is a deep tissue massage that concentrates on the soft tissue that includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, and synovial membranes. This type of massage work can be specific if there is any part of the body injured, in pain, producing discomfort or requires more attention, or it can be less specific and more relaxing.
The first session begins with a brief assessment that includes a medical & lifestyle history and postural assessment. This assessment can help to understand possible causes and/or imbalances as the root of pain or discomfort. As part of the treatment at the end of the session, rehabilitation and remedial exercises will be suggested. These can enhance recovery, prevent injuries and improve posture and function.
This type of deep tissue massage stimulates circulation and aids lymphatic drainage therefore promoting faster healing as well as improving overall well-being. It can work at both an emotional and neurological level, retraining the brain to release muscle tension and allow the overall body to relax, and restore balance.

Sports & Remedial massage can help with musculoskeletal disorders like neck pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, sciatica, fasciitis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, sports injuries & sprains.

It is also beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis: while it may not improve already damaged joints, it does give much pain relief. More importantly however, treatment works to reduce inflammation and improves the dysfunctional immune system.

Deep tissue therapy can be of great help with stress related discomfort like anxiety, migraines, back pain, insomnia, poor concentration, poor memory and general fatigue.

Massage can also help in pre/post-surgery situations; prior to an operation, getting the muscles in peak condition will speed up recovery from post-surgical procedures. Post operation, the breakdown of scar tissue incisions lessens visible scars and prevents muscle atrophy.
Deep tissue massage has shown to be effective at treating all these conditions

Sports and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist ITEC / BTEC certifications.

An Informed Consent Form for Parents/Guardians would be signed for a massage therapy given to under 18's. Parents/Guardians will remained in the room during the treatment.

Contact me if you want to discuss your case

"I visited Claudia for the first time last summer having had two MRI scans revealing I would need a hip replacement within the following five years. I had taken to using a walking stick as my hip would suddenly give way leaving me virtually unable to walk without one and I felt I couldn’t cope for much longer . A friend highly recommended Claudia and I am eternally grateful as Claudia has known exactly what to do to fix my hip by pressing certain trigger points and lengthening the muscles in my leg. I leave Claudia’s treatment with no pain and a real bounce in my step, I feel I am now walking in the way I walked in my thirties (I am 57) - and naturally take much bigger and easier strides. Claudia has saved me from having to have a new hip.

Another problem I had was with my breathing, I was often short of breath. Claudia pressed certain trigger points on my chest and collar bones and manipulated my shoulders thereby opening my respiratory system, I now have more energy and no longer have to gasp to catch my breath.

Claudia is a real find and I can’t recommend her highly enough"
Sports & Remedial Soft Tissue Massage therapy

"Two weeks after an extensive hike, my lower back and left leg continued to ache. I looked for a "sports" massage treatment in London to help alleviate the physical pain. Prior to hike, I was also involved in deep Inner Work, emotional processes which may have manifested negative energy as chronic pain. It is important to mention this because some of what I read in Claudia’s massage descriptions inspired me to choose her.

Claudia started on my left leg and hip. Suddenly emotions arose. I felt safe in Claudia's presence and let go. While the physical pain did not go away and Claudia and I agreed that I see an osteopath or a physio for it, she did help me release through tears “stuck” emotions. Claudia helped unblock emotional weight carried in my heart! Thank you, Claudia. - B."
Remedial Soft Tissue Massage therapy

Massage . Fascial_lifting_massage

• Natural Lift Facial massage

The Natural Lift Facial massage is the ultimate treatment for enhancing skin’s appearance and rejuvenation. It offers a completely natural way to lessen lines and wrinkles without invasive treatments.

How does it work?
The Natural Lift Facial massage is a combination of Chinese, Indian and Japanese massage. Each one of them address balancing of the meridians (energy pathways) while applying slight pressure to acupressure or marma points (Ayurvedic equivalent of the Chinese acupressure system). The Natural Lift Facial massage facilitates relaxation and boost collagen production promoting a more youthful look. Toxic buildup and trapped energy are released while circulation is increased within the facial muscles and tissues. Visual and physical results can be noticeable after just a few treatments.

Natural Lift Facial massage has also numerous therapeutic possibilities in addition to enhancing skin’s appearance. Natural Lift Facial massage can help headaches, migraines, TMJ dysfunction, Bell’s palsy, sinus problems, recovering from stroke.

What are the benefits?
Improves skin elasticity and tone
Reduces under eye bags and puffiness
Releases stress and tension
Softens the skin
Reduces wrinkles and lines
Aids lymphatic circulation, increasing the elimination of toxins and the supply of nutrients to the cells
Removes dead skin cells
Increases blood circulation
Makes you feel fabulous!

For maximum benefit, it is recommend a weekly session initially for the first 4 weeks, followed by monthly as maintenance or as preferred.

Contact me if you would like to have a Natural Lift Fascial Massage

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