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The body remembers

Welcome to Amanae™ London

What is Amanae™ bodywork?

AMANAE™ is a heart - based bodywork that facilitates the release of deeply held emotions and clear the way for profound healing and personal discovery. The technique is based on the activation and opening of points or ‘doorways’ throughout the body. These doorways are access points for the body’s deep wisdom. The process invites you to come into the points with your breath and awareness to discover and feel what is held there and allow the body to express these feelings.

AMANAE™ works with the idea that the body always remembers even if the mind doesn’t. Muscles, bones, skin, cells carry unexpressed sadness, love, fear, grief, anger, shame, guilt, joy and a lot more of so much lived during this lifetime.

What happens during a session?

During the AMANAE™ session clients lay down on a massage table and doorways are activated, first on the heart then others along the body. The therapist applies firm pressure and movements while both, client and therapist, are connecting / meeting with conscious breath and presence in the point.
AMANAE™ bodywork is an active technique that empowers you to realize you are your own healer. By bringing breath and awareness to these places where stuck emotions are held, by saying “YES” in these, we can release what is held there and create space to live life more fully in the body and lead from the heart.

AMANAE™ bodywork is really effective to release old trauma, transform destructive patterns and negative belief systems. Also effective with difficult feelings, abuse, addiction, co-dependency, co-addiction, stress, fear, insomnia, anxiety, grief, depression, PSTD, guilt, shame.
AMANAE™ supports and enhances the understanding, grounding and integration of energies after a powerful spiritual experience or awakening.
AMANAE™ is a potent tool to release pain & struggle from the body and rediscover a new sense of joy and freedom.

During the session there can be physical and / or emotional releases such as crying or laughter. Some people experience releases as heat, some as tingles or a vibration.
Experiences can differ from person to person and also from session to session.
After the session you can feel tired, energised, uplifted, centered, calmed or a bit spaced out. It is highly recommended to drink lots of water to help the clearing process and to refrain from caffeine and alcohol at least during the session day as well as giving yourself relaxing time to integrate the work.
The session could be also a combination of Amanae™, Eternal Light® or massage depending of each person process/requirements/preference.

An Informed Consent Form for Parents/Guardians would be signed for a Amanae™ given to under 18's. Parents/Guardians will remained in the room during the treatment. If you are looking for an Amanae™ treatment for your child, it is recommended you as a parent to experience the therapy before.

Distant Amanae™

For many reasons this might be not an easy time for you to come to London to have Amanae™ bodywork in person.
Still you can experience Amanae any place you are, any time that suits you.
Please Contact me me to know about distance sessions or to arrange one.

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What people say about their Amanae™ experiences

"It is very hard to put into words my experience of Amanae and with Claudia personally. I have had two sessions with Claudia and a three-day workshop and even though I have had numerous inner work sessions facilitated, Claudia, and Amanae as a practice, stand out and are very close to my heart. Claudia has the rare gift of sensitivity while creating a very solid and safe container. 'Safe' being the keyword of my experience. I have no words how vital that safety was for me. That allowed me to feel and process some intense emotions and experiences. Truly transformative. Highly recommend."
Elena, Amanae™, London / Whitstable, UK

"After a very difficult year, I went to see Claudia in state of crisis and despair. I didn't know what to expect from the Amanae session but it turned out to be one of the most powerful emotional releases I have ever experienced. It was very intense, but I felt safe to finally access and let go of some deep childhood pain, finally able to hear what my body wanted to tell me. Claudia's touch and her ability to channel this energy is truly magical, and I'm so grateful to her for helping me get in touch with myself again. Since the session, I have felt a subtle but profound shift - by connecting with my body and my breath, I can enjoy the present moment. Sometimes I just stop what I'm doing to breathe deeply, and the air tastes sweet and delicious. My creativity is starting to flow again. I no longer feel overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. I'm suddenly excited by life's possibilities, and by the potential of Amanae. I will definitely be back to work with Claudia again."
R, Amanae™, London

I just wanted to write a 5***** recommendation for Claudias Amanae therapy. This is the best most genuine emotional release therapy I have ever come across. Claudia oozes kindness and the therapy helped me get in touch with my body for what felt like the first time in my life properly. I never knew how much emotion was just under the surface waiting to be released and Claudia's kindness, skill and knowledge of the body/emotion connection was the missing link I needed to start releasing and processing them. I have never done an online review before but feel it would be wrong not to in this case as I would love for everyone to experience the emotional release and relief that I felt thanks to Claudia. I just cannot reccomend it enough, truly. Thank you Claudia.
Rebecca, Amanae™, London

"In my experience Amanae is a very powerful tool to reconnect to our authentic selves through the body. While this can be said of many kind of bodywork, there is something very powerful about Amanae that is able to go at the root of our unconscious defences – whether originated in trauma or habit – and open up parts of our consciousness that laid dormant. This can be powerful, and it is therefore important for the practitioner to be able to create a safe and holding space. I have always found this to be the case in my work with Claudia: she is able to evaluate the situation and offer the required amount of support and encouragement while gently deepening the experience and bringing me back home to myself. "
Barbara, Amanae™, London

There are not home visits for the treatment. Amanae Bodywork practice is held at two places at the moment:

Make Me Feel Pharmacy 25 Abbeville Road, SW4 9AL, London. This place is easy reachable from Clapham South Underground Station, Clapham Common Underground Station and Balham Underground/Overground station.

The French Pharmacy10 New Cavendish St, Marylebone, London W1G 8UL. This place is easy reachable from a different main London central tube stations.

If you are interested in knowing more about this modality of therapy bodywork or you would like to book an appointment please contact me

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